Cell Gambling Regulations

Nevada gambling regulators reviewed, during last Thursday the 27.1, proposed rules for cell gambling devices that would allow many casinos to deploy cell gambling services for the millions of gamblers that go to Las Vegas every year. The Nevada Gaming Commission is moving forward to review the appropriate policy after the Legislature voted for a law authorizing the devices last June.

Commission Chairman Peter Bernhard stated that the new policy being carefully measured would permit gamblers to wage via cell gambling devices at specific areas where such activity is authorized by the Nevada Gaming Commission. As for now the criterions are that the area would consist of no less than 100 slots and one other casino game. Such criterions are meant to prevent excessive use of cell gambling devices, though with special permission casinos may deploy cell gambling services at other areas.

The cell gambling devices would be connected to a key casino server. This new cell gambling feature is thought to be of assistance to Nevada’s casinos to compete with Indian casinos, online casinos and resorts away in the country and around the globe.…

Betting Racket On The Ashes Cricket

The Haryana Police Department from Faridabad has stopped a gang of illegal betting bookies and alleged match fixers that were placing bets on the going Ashes Cricket Series in Australia on November 23, 2006.

Authorities raided a residence in the upscale area of the town that Thursday night based on a tip and arrested a dozen individuals that were betting on the ongoing Ashes Series between Australia and England. They also recovered dozens of cellular phones and Indian money at the residence. According to Mahendra Singh Sheron, the Senior Superintendent of the Police Department in Faridabad, the police staff received reliable information that an individual named “Master” was currently operating an illegal betting ring in the area. The group is also involved in match fixing in Faridabad.

When they raided the house, they found about 12 people engaged in betting activities. They also recovered Rs 2.15 lakh ($4808) and 53 cellphones. Police are still investigating the matter; the action they take will depend on the results of their investigation. The betting ring has been operating in Faridabad for a long time now, placing bets for Indian and Foreign Customers.…