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Blackjack Tag

The label in blackjack is important, since the game ways are guidelines that should be strictly followed by all players for a better play game. However, the labels are not the same with the formal rules that are noted. This involves individual behavior and attitude.

The following blackjack tag can make you popular in casinos. Not only can it make you popular can make you a successful player as well.

> If you do not play at the blackjack table and you want to watch the game you can do it from behind the players. As part of the etiquette you do not have to stare at players’ cards as this is inaccurate.

> If you observe at this table and then a player evacuates a seat do not take that seat, that’s incorrect as well, since you have watched them play them will not feel comfortable playing with you. Improve to head to a different table.

> giving tips to the casino staff is not required but it is a sign of courtesy. Although the tip is appreciated because it is part of the wages of a croupier and should not be forgotten.

> If you play at the table and you want to order a drink do this after you play a hand and not in the middle of the game, this may slow down the game play and possibly annoy your friends.

> Apart from ordering your intermediate drinks hands you may also want to place your bet quickly and it should not take you long before doing so.

> Before you start your game at a table, especially if you are new, you should have the courtesy to introduce yourself first before joining the game.

> If you want to leave the table after one hand, do it in a polite way, tell the dealer just before the dealer deals again.

> handle your cards the proper way. Leave the receiver cards if it was busy receiver and the cards face down if it is supposed to be face down. Be careful when handling your cards, never crumple, scratch, bend or put a mark on your card, and never eat while the game or you could put fat on your cards.

> pieces that have already been placed in the board after betting should not be touched by anyone.

> If you give the hand signals …

How to play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an online casino game that plays with 3 dice. The main objective of the game is to guess the correct combination of dice.

Sic Bo is a very old game that was invented with the invention of dice. It is originally from China and has recently been introduced to casinos in Europe and America. A Sic Bo table looks very complicated, but it’s not really the case. The table has a lot of betting combinations, because all the dice combinations are printed on the table, so it seems so complicated.

If you want to bet, all you have to do is put the chips on the segment you want. The odds of each segment are written at the end of each in small numbers, so you can always see how much you can win.

Sic Bo is a very entertaining game and is not normally played by players who want to win a lot. It’s a great game when you want to play small amounts of money and you want to relax.…

How to play roulette

Roulette is a casino game, it’s a simple and honest game. You bet on a number, and if the ball falls on that number, you win. It becomes a little more complicated when you bet on a combination of single-chip numbers. The various combinations are shown below:

Straight up = when you bet on a single number you win 35 times

Split = when you bet on two numbers with the same chip you win 17 times

Street = when betting three numbers you win 11 times

Corner = when you bet on 4 numbers their sides must be in contact, you will win 8 times

Sixline = when you bet on 6 numbers you win 5 times

These are bets on a roulette table. If you are not used to these rules, then look at some rounds and you will understand how a roulette works. It’s not as complicated as it seems.

The next way to bet on the roulette is to bet without or with the numbers. There are different segments on a roulette, which are positioned around the numbers. What are these and how can you bet on them, we’ll explain below:

Red / Black = are red and black colors on a roulette, if you bet on them you will win 2 times.

Even / Uneven = earn 2 times

1-18 / 19-36 = are 2 segments from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36, if you bet on them means you bet on all numbers between 1 and 18 or all between 19 and 36, you win 2 times

There are many betting odds when playing on a roulette, if you are not sure when betting, then you better watch some games and you will understand very quickly how a roulette works.…

How to Play Red Dog

Red Dog is one of the simplest games that can be found in online casinos. It’s a game that can sometimes be found in classic casinos, but it’s more popular in online casinos.

Red Dog is a card game in which you have to guess what will follow, like in most card games. The game starts with the betting. Two books are placed side by side. Play now, you have to bet on the next card. This card must have a value that is between the two cards on the table. If the third card is between the two cards then it will have been paid at the nearest odds.

As you can imagine the chance to have cards, the winner is much higher, for example: the first cards that are placed on the table are 2 and Ace. The chance that the third card to fit between the two cards on the table is very high. If you win with this combination you will win your double bet. The situation is different when the first 2 cards are 5 and 7. This means that only the 6th is the winner and the chances that this book is the next are very low. Because the chances are so small you will win 5 times if the book is 6. Below are the win possibilities at Red Dog:

to 1 winning card = you are paid 5 times

to 2 winning cards = you are paid 4 times

3 winning cards = you are paid 3 times

between 4 and 11 winning cards = you are paid 2 times

3 cards of the same value = you are paid 11 times

no winning card = you do not win, but you do not even lose

pair = equality

The good part of the game is that you are allowed to double your bet after seeing the first two cards. This means that if you see that you have six big to win you can double your bet to win more.…

How to Play Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a form of poker that only plays in online or classic casinos. In this game you do not play against the house, nor do other players play other games.

The main idea of ??this game is to be able to withdraw bets from initial bets. This game has the advantage that if you have bad cards, you will not lose all the money you bet, but only a part of them.

The game begins after you bet, then you get three cards face up and two face down. Now you have the ability to stop and you will get two-thirds of your initial bets, or you can continue to see what the next card will be. If you keep playing, one of the two face down cards will be rolled back; and you will again have the ability to withdraw or continue. If you stop, you will get back one third of the original bet, and if you continue, the last card will be rolled back to see it. After the last card has been rolled back, you will have five cards face up and then you can play with pariurl made initially. After you have all the cards face up, you will be paid according to the following:

2 Decare, or Better Pairs = You Recover Your Money

2 Pairs = You are double paid

3 nails = you are paid triple

Quinta = you are paid 5 times

Color = you are paid 8 times

Full = you are paid 11 times

4 of the same kind = you are paid 50 times

Quinta Color = you are paid 200 times

Quinta Royala = you are paid 1,000 times

This is a very nice game, but the denial of the time the gamers want too much. When playing this game try to stay in the game as much as possible, the last turn card is often the book that decides the game.

If you have experience with this online game then please tell us. We are always interested in your opinions and ideas, so please send us a mail.…

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud is a kind of poker, but a bit different from normal poker. When playing Caribbean Stud, you do not play against other players but play against the house. The principles of the game are like those of BlackJack, you have to win against the house.

All players deposit some money and then receive 5 cards, the same as the house. When all the players have received the cards, they can look at them and decide whether to go or not. If a player decides to continue, he must place the cards face down on the table and place the bets on these cards. The bet is always double the money you deposit the first time. If a player does not want to play, then the cards are placed face down next to the bet. The books will be taken with the money deposited at the beginning.

When everyone wins or retires, they will turn their cards to see them all. The dealer will return the cards to each player to see if they have bigger than the house. If a player has bigger cards than the home, then he / she will be paid according to the bet. If a player has smaller cards than a home, then the bet and the amount deposited at the beginning will be lost. Below are the growing hands winning hands:

Ace + King, 1 times bet

One pair, 1 times bet

Two pairs, 2 times bet

Three of a kind, 3 times bet

Straight, 4 times bet

Flush, 5 times bet + 50 times jackpot bet

Full House, 7 times bet + 100 times jackpot bet

Four of a kind, 20 times bet + 500 times jackpot bet

Straight Flush, 50 times bet + 5,000 times jackpot bet

Royal Flush, 100 times bet + progressive jackpot…

How to Play BlackJack

Blackjack is a well-known game that most online or classic casino players play. It is a game that plays at a table where players receive the best odds.

Blackjack is a very old card game and is very simple. All players at the table play individually against the house, so players never play against each other, just against the house.

Each player is given 2 cards to start the game. Initially, the house dealer divides 2 cards, one face up and one face down. The player to the left of the dealer starts the game, the player is allowed to say pass, double, split, and hit. When the player finishes, it is the turn of the other until all players have the opportunity to play cards. After all the players have played, it is the turn of the dealer to play. A dealer always takes cards until his total is 17 or higher. If the dealer is more than 21 then all players who are still in the game will still receive the amount they have bet. If the dealer has a total of 17-21 then he will look at the points of each player. If a player has more points than the dealer then he / she will win the bet 2 times; if he has the same points as the dealer then the bet will remain on the table and no one loses or wins; and if the player has fewer points than the dealer then he / she will lose the bet amount.

As I said earlier, each player has some goodies when he comes to play:

Stand = the player agrees with the cards he has and he does not want any more cards

Hit = the player wishes to receive another card

Double = when a player wants to double his bet, this is allowed, but only one card is shown

Split = when the player receives two cards the same way he can do the following: put a stake on the table the same as the previous one, then the cards are dealt and each card is given one more. Then the player plays with 2 hands instead of one. The dealer will ask the player for each hand he / she wants to do: stand, hit, double, split.

These are the most important rules you need to know about Blackjack. There are other …

How to Play Big Wheel

Big Wheel is also known as the Wheel of Fortune. This is a game that is found in any casino, online or classic. It is normally located right at the casino entrance to attract customers.

A large wheel is divided into equal segments. Different images can be found in different segments, some of which will appear more often than others. Images on the wheel are also found on the front panel. Images have different odds. If you want to bet on a picture that pays your bet, then you will find that this image is everywhere on the wheel. The higher the odds of the images, the less they are found on the wheel.

This is a game that normally attracts the most women or the horses that play for the first time. The reason is that this game is very easy to understand and play. There are no complicated betting systems, you simply win or lose when the wheel stops. Big Wheel is a very fun game when you want to feel good and want to keep your bets at a small level. If you are looking for higher odds then you should play at Roulette because the odds are very high there.…

How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat, another card game that is also known in Europe as Punto Banco. It is originally a French game and was used to play only by the elite. The game has only three betting options, so from this perspective it is easy to play.

To begin with, we will look at the three betting options, which are Banco, Player and tie (tie). The idea is to bet on Banco or Player (player) and hope the bet is accumulating the most points. If that happens, then you will win twice as much as you bet. If you bet on a tie, that is, Banks and Player have the same points, then you will win 8 times.

The scoring is a bit strange, for example the 10 values ??are not taken into account: if Banco has a 7 and an 8, that is, a total of 15 then Banco will have 5 points, so all 10 values ??will be deducted. The book values ??are: 2 to 9 have the same value; 10, J, Q and K have no value, and Ace has a value of 1.

The game starts with Banco and Player, each of which is given a book. According to the book they will receive or not another card. When no cards are issued, the winner is determined and the winner gets the money.

The game is very popular because it is very fast and you can win a lot in a short period of time. You do not have to fully understand how books are given, because casino croupiers are very well prepared and they do not make mistakes. If you play in an online casino then surely no mistakes will happen because it is scheduled and knows all the rules. If you are still unsure of the rules of the game, we suggest trying to play virtual money first to convince you how things are.…

Weigh the economic benefits of the game

It is far from a phenomenon that Americans play. Activity is decades more than the constitution. There came a time that it was the primary source of government funds. If we could sum up our incomes alone from the game, the golden bullets and the silver plates of this national film treasure would fade in comparison. Approximately, the gross annual income of the gaming account more than $ 34 billion. But still playing offsets, he also lacerates, especially those who have to do with morality and psychology. We hear all kinds of opinion about the game. To some it’s fun, because others are useless, dull, harmful, and financially damaging. Nevertheless, let’s discount the morals first and the right look at the game with the help of an objective objective of an economist. So, what are the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of the game anyway:

The good sides

visit any state with several casino establishments and you would immediately notice that starvation is not a question there. Food and accommodations are too cheap. There is no poverty in the community. The state accumulates wealth through entertainment. Putting up a casino in a city is like putting a TV on your room. Yes, he is wasting your time. Like TV, your entertainment converts into electricity bills later. The game also converts into bills later, but it also earns you while as well. He raises income. He builds schools, roads, churches and hospitals. It creates jobs, increases the security strength of the state, and attracts tourists.

The bad sides

playing drains your energy. It is each distraction at a level that can potentially make a majority a fanatic. A visit to the casino often keeps us from our commitments and commitments. Besides entertainment, it has nothing more. For players, it consumes without giving anything back. And that’s quite true in terms of casino establishments where they cannibalize small businesses around them. And it is also true that the game provides schools and jobs and so on; but by doing so, it consumes enormous natural resources.

The ugly side

many attribute the increased crime, alcoholism, child abuse, broken families, bankruptcies, and even the boom killing of our gambling era. But frankly, economists do not care much. The real question to them is the net effect? Until there is a very solid evidence that playing the social causes of social adversity of …