UK Move into Online Casino Territory

In a move that is likely to greatly offend conservatives both in the United Kingdom and the United States, the UK government has decided to finally pull the plug on its de facto prohibition of online casinos. The first online casino will be coming online in just a short while and because of that the United Kingdom has joined a Europe-wide movement that really seems to be heading in the direction of online casinos specifically and online gambling in general.

The European Union has already overturned bans on online gambling that have been made by member nations, the most celebrated of which was an overturning of a ban that had worked its way through the German legislature and even been ratified at the level of the German Supreme Court before being overturned by the supreme court within the European Union. Within its member nations however, there have been moves by places such as France and Ireland towards online gambling as a staple of the economy and of course within the United Kingdom there have always been online sports betting services offered in lieu of a ban on online gambling. Well, now the UK Gambling Commission has licensed its first online casino and because of that the UK has joined the ranks of countries that see online gambling as an activity that should be completely legal.

The company that will be responsible for the online gambling operations for this casino is Chartwell Technology Incorporated. Chartwell has long been known as a company of great reputability within casino circles and in particular they have been known for their technological prowess when it comes to the creation of remote systems to be used in land-based casino operations. Now, it appears as though Chartwell is going to get the opportunity to express their excellence in the online forum and with that expertise riding on the first online casino operation based in the United Kingdom, it appears as though their debut is going to be one of great importance to the online gambling industry as a whole. In particular, this will likely allow a lot of companies to leave their headquarters in Gibraltar and come to the United Kingdom, although the migration (if it occurs at all), will likely take awhile to come forward.

In this particular endeavor, Chartwell will be providing the technology for IG Group Holdings. They are a company that owns the …

Online Casino History

Gambling has been known in almost every society throughout history and there are many accounts of games of chance being played as entertainment. Casinos themselves date back as far as the 1600’s but the first official account of gambling, or games of chance, is given by Chinese records in 2300 BC. Little has changed over history when it comes to members of the public looking for entertainment, so gambling has persisted as a means of meeting people, having fun and winning money.

The word casino itself did not always designate a place where games of chance were played; it was used to describe public buildings where pleasurable activities could occur and therefore was used to describe buildings such as theatres, restaurants, and spas. Over time the word casino became synonymous with games of chance and gambling for money, and in some countries these types of games were outlawed through a desire for social reform.

For states and countries where gambling is legal there are now many casino houses available; these are joined by the public as members and allow members to play games for a minimum stake with the opportunity to win large payouts. The downside is that you also have the opportunity to lose money, so you should always set yourself a limit when playing, whether that’s an amount won, lost or an amount of credit left in your account doesn’t matter, but you should always stick to whatever limit you decided on at the outset of your play. Remember: only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

In recent history the opportunity to gamble online became more prominent as the world of casinos moved online, allowing members to play for free or for real, from the comfort of home and allowing online sites to offer better odds due to the reduced overheads of running a casino online versus a land-based operation.…

Royal Online Casino

The Royal Vegas Casino has long been one of the better casinos online. It has been under the Microgaming brand for years now and within the Microgaming brand there is a constant demand for excellence for casinos that would like to be featured as being the pride and joy of that particular organization. Royal Vegas has long been on that list of pride and joy and for that reason there are many people that were not surprised at all when the online casino decided to celebrate its new and improved look and feel vis-à-vis downloadable software packages with an offer that extends the normal bonus offers it has going.

Normally speaking, Royal Vegas offers a starting promotion to new players that have two steps involved to it. The first step of the offer is 100 free spins. These spins allow a player the chance to win EUR 200.00 right off the bat as long as they end up leaving the spins game with more credits than they entered with. Up to the first EUR 200.00 above the amount they start with is given to them to keep as a bonus amount gained from the use of the free spins. Once that part of the initial promotion was done, Royal Vegas stepped in and offered a conventional first time deposit bonus that is worth 100% up to EUR 100.00 as a way of rewarding players even if they were unable to get anything out of the 100 free spins.

Because of this second bonus, it has often been the case that people take the free spins offer from Royal Vegas as a way of really scoping out the place and seeing what the different slot machines are like. People find that they enjoy the slot machines and then end up joining for real to get the bonus and if they are lucky maybe even gaining something from the free spins experience in the first place. Since the free spins offer has really evolved into a way to try out the real money slot machines at Royal Vegas, it is perhaps no surprise that their recent decision to move the free spins from 100 free spins to 1000 free spins has raised eyebrows at the same time that it has piqued the interest of many new online casino players that are now seriously starting to consider Royal Vegas as their home base …

Tips for Online Casino Beginners

The first and most important of our tips is that you must only bet with what you can afford to lose. This is the number one rule when it comes to all types of gambling and you must always be disciplined and stick to this rule.

There are a few things than beginners to the world of online casinos should be aware of and should consider before placing any bets. A few of our top tips are below to help you on your way to a secure and enjoyable casino experience:

Always make sure that the online casino you are using is safe and reliable. You can do this by checking review sites or typing in the name of the casino on your internet search engine and seeing what comments have been made by other users. You need to know that your details and your money will be handled securely and other players’ comments will give you a good idea about a casino’s reliability. You should also consider the customer service rating in case you need to contact the casino.
If you are considering taking one of the many bonuses on offer make sure you check the terms and conditions attached to the bonus. Some are quite rigid and require that you wager a minimum amount before you can make any withdrawals. If in doubt you can always choose to play without accepting the bonus and then you can withdraw at any time normally allowable by the online casino.

Check the payout policy for transfers to your bank account – some sites only allow you to make one transfer in any 24 hour period, others don’t allow you to withdraw over the weekend.

Choose the right software option for you – some sites offer download and non download options for play. Although the sites that don’t require a download tend to offer lower quality graphics and sound they can be ideal if you have to share a computer.

Play free games until you understand the rules and strategy before moving on to playing for real. This way you’ll make the most of your money and won’t waste coins on games where you simply misunderstood what you needed to do to win.

If you follow these tips you should find your way to a reliable casino site, where you can enjoy playing a wide variety of games, and experience the incredible …

The Best Online Casinos

Online Casinos are a great fun for both the newcomer and experienced player alike. They offer free casino games which allow you to learn the rules and strategy for each game and then when you’re confident in the game you can have a go at winning some cash by playing for real.

Online casinos offer a huge variety of games, from slots to card games, roulette to craps and other dice-based games, so there is almost endless variety to keep you interested and offer a great way of learning new games. The best online casinos will offer reliability of software and payouts and good quality graphics, as well as speed of play, and additional functions, like multi-player chat and invite only games, where you can invite friends to join you at a table for a game of Blackjack, for example.

Sign up bonuses are available from some sites purely and simply for joining; you don’t have to deposit any of your own money to benefit from the bonus, you just get to start enjoying the buzz of the game. Be aware though that these bonuses are usually tied in some way – you have to play a certain amount of games before being able to withdraw money, or you can only withdraw winnings above the initial sign-up bonus. Most sites offer a bonus given as a percentage of your initial deposit to get you started with a little extra funding and if you want to make the most of these offers you can always sign up to more than one site. Don’t forget though that there may be limits on what and when you can withdraw regarding your winnings.…