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Being a professional blackjack player can take you weeks, months or even years. It really does not matter how long you play blackjack. The most important thing is that you have learned something from each game.

You can acquire the right study of the experience, read blackjack materials and ask Blackjack professionals. Many professionals are willing to share their winning experience with aspiring players.

By mastering blackjack you need to know these three important things:

1. Take the note when a player takes out some of the cards directly from the deck that automatically changes the casino advantage.

2. In the specific circumstances that occur in Blackjack, the player’s edge may be changed as well.

3. If you know that an opportunity is coming and it is in your advantage that you should seize it immediately. This advantage could not come around the next time.

The following are simple tips to increase your chance of winning:

1. Look for a blackjack table with a minimum payout that fits your budget. First, you should also consider the rules at the table. Some tables have variations when it comes to the rules. If you do not fully understand the rules make sure you interview the dealer about it before the game starts.

2. Take the game slowly. Never rush into anything without realizing what you are doing.

3. Know the rules of “doubling down”. There are other options of the table learn to use it well.

4. If you get two 10s never remember to split them.

5. On the contrary, remember to split if you get the following 8 and ace. Do this no matter what the dealer shows.

6. Never take insurance unless you are card account.

7. If you have the value of cards from 13 to 16 you should stand, not unless the dealer shows his card which has the value of 6 and lowers. On the other hand, if the dealer proves that his cards are 7 and you should hit this time.

8. If the dealer’s cards are 4, 5 or 6, stand hard if you have 12 in your hand.

9. If you saw that the dealer has 2 or 3 or 7 or even higher your movement should hit hard at 12.

10. Keep hitting until you have 17, only if the dealer card is 10.

11. Slowly hit 17 if you see that the dealer is at 10.

12. Never split if you have the following cards: ovens, fives and face cards as well.

13. If you are holding cards of 19 or even higher always.

14. Hit when you have a 18 and you see that the dealer’s cards are 9, 10 or an ace.

15. Double down with a soft 15 to 17 if you see that the dealer has a 4.

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