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How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud is a kind of poker, but a bit different from normal poker. When playing Caribbean Stud, you do not play against other players but play against the house. The principles of the game are like those of BlackJack, you have to win against the house.

All players deposit some money and then receive 5 cards, the same as the house. When all the players have received the cards, they can look at them and decide whether to go or not. If a player decides to continue, he must place the cards face down on the table and place the bets on these cards. The bet is always double the money you deposit the first time. If a player does not want to play, then the cards are placed face down next to the bet. The books will be taken with the money deposited at the beginning.

When everyone wins or retires, they will turn their cards to see them all. The dealer will return the cards to each player to see if they have bigger than the house. If a player has bigger cards than the home, then he / she will be paid according to the bet. If a player has smaller cards than a home, then the bet and the amount deposited at the beginning will be lost. Below are the growing hands winning hands:

Ace + King, 1 times bet

One pair, 1 times bet

Two pairs, 2 times bet

Three of a kind, 3 times bet

Straight, 4 times bet

Flush, 5 times bet + 50 times jackpot bet

Full House, 7 times bet + 100 times jackpot bet

Four of a kind, 20 times bet + 500 times jackpot bet

Straight Flush, 50 times bet + 5,000 times jackpot bet

Royal Flush, 100 times bet + progressive jackpot

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