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Red Dog is one of the simplest games that can be found in online casinos. It’s a game that can sometimes be found in classic casinos, but it’s more popular in online casinos.

Red Dog is a card game in which you have to guess what will follow, like in most card games. The game starts with the betting. Two books are placed side by side. Play now, you have to bet on the next card. This card must have a value that is between the two cards on the table. If the third card is between the two cards then it will have been paid at the nearest odds.

As you can imagine the chance to have cards, the winner is much higher, for example: the first cards that are placed on the table are 2 and Ace. The chance that the third card to fit between the two cards on the table is very high. If you win with this combination you will win your double bet. The situation is different when the first 2 cards are 5 and 7. This means that only the 6th is the winner and the chances that this book is the next are very low. Because the chances are so small you will win 5 times if the book is 6. Below are the win possibilities at Red Dog:

to 1 winning card = you are paid 5 times

to 2 winning cards = you are paid 4 times

3 winning cards = you are paid 3 times

between 4 and 11 winning cards = you are paid 2 times

3 cards of the same value = you are paid 11 times

no winning card = you do not win, but you do not even lose

pair = equality

The good part of the game is that you are allowed to double your bet after seeing the first two cards. This means that if you see that you have six big to win you can double your bet to win more.

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