Online Casino History

Gambling has been known in almost every society throughout history and there are many accounts of games of chance being played as entertainment. Casinos themselves date back as far as the 1600’s but the first official account of gambling, or games of chance, is given by Chinese records in 2300 BC. Little has changed over history when it comes to members of the public looking for entertainment, so gambling has persisted as a means of meeting people, having fun and winning money.

The word casino itself did not always designate a place where games of chance were played; it was used to describe public buildings where pleasurable activities could occur and therefore was used to describe buildings such as theatres, restaurants, and spas. Over time the word casino became synonymous with games of chance and gambling for money, and in some countries these types of games were outlawed through a desire for social reform.

For states and countries where gambling is legal there are now many casino houses available; these are joined by the public as members and allow members to play games for a minimum stake with the opportunity to win large payouts. The downside is that you also have the opportunity to lose money, so you should always set yourself a limit when playing, whether that’s an amount won, lost or an amount of credit left in your account doesn’t matter, but you should always stick to whatever limit you decided on at the outset of your play. Remember: only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

In recent history the opportunity to gamble online became more prominent as the world of casinos moved online, allowing members to play for free or for real, from the comfort of home and allowing online sites to offer better odds due to the reduced overheads of running a casino online versus a land-based operation.

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